If they tell you that MMA is no-holds-barred fighting, don’t believe them. MMA is mixed martial arts. They are based on a combination of different types, techniques, schools and trends that originated both in ancient times and in our time. The main thing they have in common is full contact, in other words, they are duels, in which punches and wrestling in the clinch and parterre are applied. You can follow the latest MMA news here https://espn-news.com/category/mma/.


The history and origins of MMA are multifaceted and confusing. It is worth noting right away that the term for the new kind of competition was not proposed very long ago. In 1995, it was made by Rick Blum, who was the president of one of the first MMA organizations. The name was successful and caught on in many countries. Speaking about the origins of this martial art, it is worth to remember the ancient Greeks, who competed in pankration at the Olympic Games in 648 BC. It was the dawn of civilization, but we know for a fact that pankration, which later became the basis of MMA, implied a mixed style, without weapons – wrestling and striking opponents.

The modern development of mixed martial arts took place after the 1990s. Most likely, the main reasons for its popularity was the lack of spectacle in professional boxing, as well as the impressive brutality of MMA “bloodbaths” that took place with a minimum of rules. The First World War divided the competitors into two streams. The first one stayed in the classical pankration, the second, later called “wrestling” was similar to choreographed shows.

MMA was still undergoing various changes for several decades, and in the late 60s of the last century a famous fighter and actor Bruce Lee proposed and later popularized the concept of combining individual elements of MMA. However, the fate of MMA was largely successful. This kind of fight was loved in the United States, Japan, as well as in England, Australia and Germany, which, in fact, led to the establishment of MMA in its present form. 

Basic rules

After the “bloodbaths”, MMA has significantly revised its rules, with the main factor being the concern for the health of the athletes. It concerned the division of fighters into weight categories, some changes in the use of equipment, reducing the time of fights and the like. Today, most professional organizations under the auspices of MMA defined fight time – three rounds of five minutes, in title fights the number of rounds grows to five.

Changes were reflected in the restriction of techniques, mostly in the U.S., where there are bans on elbows, knees in the parterre and others. And although there are differences between Europeans and Americans in terms of prohibiting certain techniques, both said no to biting, hitting the groin and throat, the back of the head and spine, poking in the eyes, grabbing and manipulation of small joints, finger attacks in unprotected places (ears, mouth, nostrils). If you want constant access to the latest news in various sports, you should start using https://espn-news.com/category/cfl/. Here you will have the opportunity to get a lot of new opportunities.


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