Regardless of the current financial situation, investing in buying a house abroad is a serious and responsible process that does not tolerate rush. To buy a villa in Spain, you need to be carefully prepared: visit the country, find a suitable region, see all available offers and only then you can start buying property.

How to choose a house in Spain?

The first thing to determine the future owner of a Spanish villa – is the region of the country. The area must have a suitable climate, be attractive in terms of investment, be economically developed and have progressive infrastructure. All these qualities have the region of Catalonia, and that is why it has become one of the leaders in the real estate market. Apartments, houses and villas are bought here by people from most European countries. Attractive to investors is a wide range of prices and a huge choice of property options for private residence and commercial rentals.

Further, it is important to find a suitable city for the purchase of real estate: many want to buy a villa in Spain just by the sea, so that every day to enjoy its views and be able to relax on the beach at any time. But there is another category: those who prefer quiet suburban areas, suitable for a measured life, away from crowds of tourists. Also affected are the family composition (if there are children, it is better to choose a house near the school) and the price category of the future home.

Prices for houses and villas in Spain

Over the past few years, the main percentage of property purchased by foreigners is on the Costa Brava, Costa Blanca, and Costa del Sol. And this is not surprising: most are looking to buy a house just by the sea. Costa del Sol or “Sunny Beach” – is a fashionable coast of Spain, where the residences of stars of show business, sports, politicians and many Hollywood celebrities. Beautiful beaches and a surfing paradise, a multitude of clubs and expensive yachts that keep silent until morning are a true celebration of luxury. With such a stellar neighborhood and the overall luxury atmosphere, there are many luxury villas and exquisite mansions, but cheaper options can also be found. The cost of mansions with a separate plot in the Costa del Sol starts from 5000 Euro / m2, houses located closer to the sea stand – 8000 Euro / m2. And for a luxury villa will have to pay from 10000 Euro / m2.

Costa Blanca or “White Coast” is one of the most important tourist routes in the country. There are more than 300 sunny days a year, comfortable conditions for recreation and a lot of attractive places to visit, so the coast is quite noisy. It is most profitable to buy real estate for rent here, as the tourist flow does not fade during the year and the demand for housing is always quite high. Thus, the cheapest mansion in the resort area, will cost from 2000 Euro / m2, but it is worth considering that the democratic options are usually located far from the sea. If you are interested in a house located closer to the coast, you need to count on rates from 4000 Euro / m2. Buy a villa in Spain on the Costa Blanca can be in the price range from 2000 Euro / m2 to 8000 Euro / m2. Accordingly, the most expensive options will include a large area and a variety of additional amenities: guest houses, solariums, saunas, extensive swimming pools and more.

Mallorca is one of the most popular Catalan tourist destinations. There are more sunny days here than on other coasts, the sea is warm and shallow and the beaches are well-appointed. The entertainment industry on the coast is also highly developed: there are amusement parks, clubs, cafes and restaurants. If you want to explore prices for apartments in Mallorca, you can check out the palma apartments for sale.


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