Lip tattooing with shading is a popular beauty procedure that helps correct the lips’ shape and colour.

Unlike the usual methods of tattooing, this technique allows you to achieve the most natural effect – by mixing several shades of the dye and creating a smooth transition between them.

Tattooing is an invasive procedure. Therefore, before deciding on it, you should carefully weigh the pros and cons. We propose to understand the nuances of this technique.

Description of lip tattoo with shading

Lip blush tattoo with shading is a cosmetic procedure that involves the introduction of pigment under the skin using a particular machine. First of all, the master carries out the processing of the lips along the contour, then changes the nozzle to the shading nozzle and “blurs” the lines. Due to the transition from a dark shade to a light shade, the lips acquire visual volume and look like they had applied with lipstick or gloss.

Initially, cosmetologists used the technique of continuous application. In other words, they treated the entire surface of the lips with a pigment of the same colour. The result was not very natural. Over time, artisans adopted more progressive methods.

The shelf life of permanent makeup with shading on the lips varies from 2 to 5 years. The durability of tattooing largely depends on the individual characteristics of the skin – in some women, the foreign substance rejected ahead of time. In others, on the contrary, it lasts longer.

Lip shading techniques

Shaded lines are applied using a classic tattoo machine. The manual technique (microblading) does not allow smooth transitions. Today there are the following types of permanent lip blushing near me with shading:

Partial. The artist uses one colour but in three shades of varying intensity. Dark is for contouring, and light is for the corners of the lips and folds. The middle tone is applied closer to the centre. This technique is optimal for girls with thin lips and a blurred outline.

3D effect. The master treats the skin around them with a light-coloured pigment to make the lips visually more voluminous and convex. To work directly on the lips, 2-3 adjacent tones used, while natural lines drawn with transitions from dark to light. This option is perfect for women with thin lips and a clear outline.

Contour with shading. The master outlines the lips in a rich tone, which is several levels darker than their natural shade, and then shades the lines in the direction from the contour to the middle. The result is a lip liner and lipstick effect that looks quite unnatural. This technique is often called outdated, and predominantly women of mature age give preference to it.

Monochrome. Like the classic permanent, this variation done in one colour. The essential difference lies in the use of a blending nozzle, which guarantees a more natural result. Such a tattoo will not make the lips look more voluminous, but it will give them a rich shade. The technique is perfect for girls with a beautiful natural lip shape who dream of a precise contour and rich colour.

Pros and cons of shading tattoo

Let’s look at the benefits first:

Once you make a lip tattoo (contour with shading), you will look great, even without lipstick, gloss and pencil in your purse. For example, in any situation, on the beach or in the pool, others will be sure that you have just applied makeup.

You don’t have to worry about the pigment rubbing off or smudging. No food, drinks, or kisses will spoil your makeup. You will forget about makeup marks on your glasses for a long time. You don’t have to think constantly: is it time to update your lipstick.

Performing the procedure, the beautician corrects errors in the shape or colour of the lips. The pigment allows you to permanently hide scars, fuzzy contours, asymmetry and even lowered corners. The view before and after lip tattooing with shading will surprise you. At the same time, none of the people around will guess that perfect lips result from the work of a master.

Lip tattooing with shading looks so natural that it applies to absolutely any type of appearance. The main thing here is an intelligent choice of shades. This technique is truly versatile and has no age restrictions. Young girls are more likely to prefer monochromatic or partial permanent, women over 30 choose the 3D effect, and older ladies are loyal fans of the shaded contour.

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However, the technique has some disadvantages:

Duration of the procedure. To achieve a smooth transition effect, the master systematically processes one section after another. Therefore, be prepared to put up with unpleasant sensations and stand firmly for 1.5–2 hours (this is how long the procedure lasts on average). Please note that the cost of the service increases in proportion to the time spent.

Not every master owns the art of professional shading. Today, anyone can buy a tattoo machine, which is freely available, and receive clients at home. Beware of self-taught beauticians! Only a specialist who has trained and acquired the appropriate certificate can make a permanent qualitatively and safely. When choosing a master, study genuine reviews about his work, find out how much a tattoo with shading costs from this specialist. Remember to carry out the permanent makeup procedure. It would help if you had an equipped cosmetology room and strict adherence to sterility requirements.


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