An essay is a 3-5 page work where a student reveals his own vision of a certain issue. The text is characterized by a ring structure. Hypotheses are put forward at the beginning of the text, and the main part is followed by a thesis and proof for it. At the end, the student finally formulates the proof of hypothesis on the basis of already proved theses. Due to the small volume of the essay it is impossible to consider wide questions, a specific and narrow topic is chosen. It is not possible to call an essay a small work in freestyle, which contains the opinion of the author.

It is characterized by a number of features:

  1. presence of the author’s opinion, own critical analysis of the situation and evidence. It is not possible to copy the text of the textbook or the article, it is important to think over what has been read, evaluate it from the point of view of proof or refutation of the thesis.
  2. the presence of clear, logical proof of the thesis. For each thesis, it is better to put forward not one but two proofs. If you write more, the text will be overloaded.
  3. short presentation. Due to volume restrictions, the information is processed, after that it is submitted in the shortest but at the same time understandable way.
  4. the presence of conclusions. The meaning of the work is to formulate your own conclusions. You should not limit yourself to enumerating proven theses at the end.
  5. it is important to make footnotes on the material used. It helps to avoid plagiarism, makes arguments weighty. The work is sent to the teacher in writing or electronically, does not need protection.

How to buy an essay online

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