Modern sports pharmacology is actively developing, opening up more and more new opportunities for athletes. The use of steroid drugs has become one of the main keys to success in sports at the moment. Almost everyone accepts them, preparing for a competition, or seeking to expand their capabilities and achieve better results.

Athletes actively seeking to gain muscle mass should pay attention to appropriate medications. The greatest effect is given by steroids, which have both high anabolic and androgenic activity. A number of such drugs include one of the most widely used and effective steroids – Dbol.

Dbol is another name for methandienone, the most popular steroid for weight gain. The drug is in great demand both among beginners, who often use it for the first course of steroids, and among experienced athletes. The drug was originally developed by doctors to restore the body, tone up and heal burns. However, it later gained wide popularity among athletes – in particular, in bodybuilding and strength sports.

Dbol effects

The main effect of Dbol is the rapid gain in muscle mass. For a standard two-month course, you can gain about 8-12 kilograms. After completing the course, the so-called rollback phenomenon usually appears, when you can lose 2-5 kilograms of the gained weight. The rollback effect can be minimized if the course of the drug is drawn up correctly.

In addition to mass-gaining properties, the drug also provides an increase in strength indicators, which explains its popularity in many strength sports. The effect of rapid mass gain occurs due to the activation of protein synthesis, which is the basis of muscle tissue. In addition, there is also an improvement in appetite and general condition of the body.

How to take Dbol?

To get an excellent result and keep it after completing the course, you need to take seriously the choice of the dosage of the drug. It can differ significantly depending on the current state of the athlete and the tasks that he sets for himself. In some cases, it is enough to take just a couple of tablets a day, while other bodybuilders can use Dbol for muscles in the amount of a whole blister. Experts do not recommend that beginners take more than 30-40 mg per day.

After completing the course, a rollback of several kilograms necessarily occurs. This is associated with the withdrawal of excess water from the body. But there are guidelines for those who wish to minimize this effect. To do this, you should reduce the dosage gradually so that a sharp cessation of use does not lead to negative consequences. Also, Canada should buy Dbol for a course of 1.5-2 months. The duration of admission should not be increased for several reasons:

  • a longer course negatively affects the liver;
  • after a while, the productivity of the drug begins to decline;
  • to improve the effectiveness, the agent should be combined with other substances, including testosterone esters.

The drug has a certain anabolic activity, which must be taken into account before starting the course. The main effect of the intake is a quick mass gain, as well as a decrease in the fat layer of the skin. An equally important feature is that the drug has an anti-allergic result for the body. More useful information about dbol here

The duration of exposure to the body lasts for the next 14 hours from the moment of administration. You can use the tablets 2 times a day to ensure high efficiency. If you haven’t had time to buy methane yet, you can do it on our website, where you will be offered favorable prices. In order to get acquainted with more detailed information about the drug, as well as prices, you can follow the following link: The drug is quite affordable for the consumer, and you can freely buy it in the online store.


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