We recommend buying British Dragon steroids in Canada for athletes who train for a long time, but do not see the desired results. This is a more effective method by which you can increase muscle mass and stimulate the body as a whole.

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Surely experienced athletes know the name Androlic-50. This steroid was the well-known methane produced by British Dragon Pharmaceuticals. The manufacturer’s products quickly became very popular in our country. However, a couple of years ago it became known that instead of one “dragon” there were two of them.

The names of the companies differed only in one word – Limited (Ltd). For obvious reasons, doubts about the products of a popular company crept from the hearts of many athletes, which were soon dispelled. It became known that British Dragon Pharmaceuticals Ltd simply changed its “registration” and is now based not in Thailand, but in Hong Kong.

All other attributes, except for the logo and name, have been retained. The quality of the products also remained at the same high level.

Not good feelings reappeared after the appearance on the market of a masteron, which had not been previously produced by the company. It soon became known that the new drug was being produced by a second company, which retained the old logo and name, but not the quality.

Create your perfect body with British Dragon

The products are manufactured by one of the most experienced brands of sports pharmaceutical products. This manufacturer is preferred by experienced trainers and athletes.

There are many positive reviews about the funds of this company, such a positive experience of experienced bodybuilders and attracts beginners to the drugs.

The price of British Dragon steroids corresponds to excellent quality and is acceptable for many athletes. The company itself has been known in the steroid market for a very long time. But in 2008, a rebranding took place , which led to the popularity and improvement of product quality.

Back in 1999, the production and sale of British Dragon drugs began . At first, the work was not so productive, the goods were supplied only to the countries of Europe and the Middle East. A few years later, the US market got acquainted with the pharma of this brand, after which a real triumph came for the company.

British Dragon preparations are very popular among American athletes. At first, the production process included the release of substances, then they were sent to the country where they were packaged. It wasn’t until 2005 that this manufacturing process changed. All information on the site: https://theroids.ws/

The company is characterized by:

  • good reputation;
  • affordable pricing policy;
  • effectiveness of funds.

Our sports pharmacology online store offers you a quality product. It is made only from the best raw materials, which are free from third-party substances. Be careful when buying products of this brand in Kiev and Ukraine, because there are many fakes. No matter how hard the manufacturers tried to protect their product, alas , no holograms and bar codes interfere with the activities of illegal immigrants.

When buying British Dragon steroids from us , you do not need to worry about their authenticity and quality, and you will also enjoy an affordable price.


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