Balanced Minds, LLC

Helping You to Balance Your Emotional Health


Balanced Minds, LLC. strives to give youth ages 7-17 an advantage with the support and guidance of a mentor. Whether they need advice or a sounding board, a mentor can inspire positive choices. Youth gain instrumental insight beyond their own education and experience.


Our mentoring program begins the bond with specific goals and expectations and may include:

  •   Exposure to diverse perspectives and experiences
  •   Identification of skill gaps
  •   Skills training to develop career potential
  •   Violence prevention education
  •   Health and Hygiene
  •   Drug prevention education
  •   High School drop out prevention


By using a variation of educational, cultural, social and recreational activities we help overcome the negative challenges that youth encounter in their neighborhoods, schools and daily lives. Through the program, the mentors try to train the youth to strive for personal success in all aspects of life!



This program is funded through FAPT. Eligibility guidelines based on referrals from wrap around services.

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