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Mental Health Skills Services (MHSS)



Assist adults, who have significant mental health diagnosis, with training to enable them to achieve
and maintain community, stability and independence.

We provide interventions for:
  • Acquiring basic and funtional living skills related to the individual's health and safety, activities of daily living, and use of community resources
  • Assistance with medication management and adherence to psychiatric and medication treatment plans
  • Monitoring health, nutrition, and physical condition development and appropriate use of social skills and personal support system; Personal Hygiene; food preparation; or money management.
  • Only direct face-to-face contacts and services with an individual.
  • Support activities and activities directly related to assisting an individual to cope with a mental illness to the degree necessary to develop appropriaate behaviors for operating in an overall work environment.
Services not allowable by Magellan:
  • Mental health skill-building services must not be duplicative of other services.  
  • MHSS does not provide services that are strictly vocational in nature
  • MHSS does not provide Room and board, custodial care, and general supervision
  • MHSS does not provide transportation to appointments


All services provided will be reimbursed through Medicaid.

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