A healthy sexual relationship and regular sex is not just the key to a strong and long-lasting relationship, but also an integral part of it. For both men and women, sex is not in last place. And if one partner is insecure in bed or if he for some reason can not perform a full sexual act – it is a problem that is painfully tolerated by both partners. And if you let the matter go on its own, there will be nothing but disappointment and damaged relationships at the end of the road.

Impotence is not a sentence

Erectile dysfunction is a problem that can be successfully dealt with today. Depending on the factors that caused the sexual disorder, there are many methods for solving the difficult problem. But we are by no means calling to engage in self-medication. Only a qualified specialist, after listening to your complaints and making the necessary tests has the right to diagnose and prescribe the right treatment. Although you can use the drugs from this site https://edpharm-france.com/acheter-viagra-generique-100mg/, which is likely to help you solve the problem.

Health – first of all

It is rare for erectile dysfunction to actually come on spontaneously. The first signs of the onset of impotence can be insignificant and sometimes they are not really paid proper attention. And men tend to put off going to the doctor, hoping that the symptoms will go away on their own. But the earlier the problem is diagnosed, the easier it will be to fix. Below we will talk about the first symptom-callers, designed to maximize your attention and listen to yourself. Remember that even if your visit to the doctor is not confirmed by any diagnosis, no one will punish you for taking care of your own health.

Decrease in sexual activity

The decrease of the former elasticity of the penis and the reduced duration of intercourse, especially if such phenomena are systematic – is a good reason to listen to your own body. While your friends are buying Levitra, Cialis or Viagra, at this stage you have a chance to eliminate the unpleasantness without medication, by systematic exercises in the gym and giving up bad habits.

Decreased testosterone levels

A decrease in the main male hormone is most often accompanied by a weak sex drive that develops against a background of rapid fatigue and muscle sluggishness. Confirm your own speculations will help you analysis, but you should not be frightened in advance. A diet that increases the amount of protein in the blood and a healthy sleep can get you back to normal.

Problems with urination

Bathroom trips that are accompanied by painful sensations can indicate the presence of diseases of the genitourinary system that cause a decrease in potency.

If the moment has been missed and the problem with potency has caught up with you – try Cialis. This combination has a very positive effect on a person’s health, and therefore it’s necessary to have a special diet. First of all, it has no side effects; secondly, it begins to work 20 minutes after taking it, and the duration of this effect lasts for more than 30 hours. You can buy it here https://edpharm-france.com/.


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